Redefining What’s Hot in San Antonio Luxury Listings

Luxury Master Bath

Charlie Chaplin always managed to mix a good measure of insight in with the silent movie knee-slappers. It was “The Little Clown” who once said, “The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury.” One way or another, we Americans have come up with a singularly surefire way to overcome that problem: we just constantly redefine what comprises “luxury”! Real estate website Trulia proves the point. Each year … [Read more...]

For the Self-Employed, Getting a Loan Takes Planning


You don’t have to tell anyone who is self-employed that there are extra costs that go with the benefits. In addition to the long hours and weight of responsibility that come with the job description, getting a home loan has always added special challenges. Now that we are into the new Dodd-Frank era of federal oversight, some of the changes warrant an early heads-up. The 2010 legislation that went into effect on … [Read more...]

New 2014 Mortgage Rules Affect Getting a San Antonio Loan

Dodd-Frank QM

January presented us with major changes to mortgage lending rules. These new guidelines aim to curb some of the excesses that occurred during the sub-prime years—hopefully resulting in a lower risk of default and foreclosure by borrowers and a healthier real estate climate for everyone. QM: “Qualified Mortgage” This all came about as one offshoot of the Dodd-Frank legislation that went into effect in 2014. It … [Read more...]

Targeting, Uniqueness, Community Sell Dominion Luxury Homes

Luxury Dominion Kitchen

If you own a luxury home in the Dominion, this will be good to know: according to researchers at DataQuick, the number of homes sold at more than $1 million rose nationally by 37% in the first half of 2013. Last Friday, the Wall St. Journal headed its Mansion section with “the recovery in high-end real estate,” and Bloomberg reports that luxury home prices in the biggest four cities that had fallen nearly 46% during … [Read more...]

Developing an On-Target Stone Oak Real Estate Listing Price

Market Value History

There is less guesswork than you might think about establishing an on-target Stone Oak real estate listing price. There is really very little mystery: Comps and CMAs When you hear your REALTOR® refer to ‘the comps,’ you probably think of them as the printouts of the Stone Oak real estate listings which are comparable to your own property. More comprehensively, a CMA, or Comparative Market Analysis, also … [Read more...]

Boerne New Construction Appeals to Home Buyers

Model at SaddleHorn under construction

For most of us, the appeal of new construction—a brand new home which your family is first to own—is undeniable. The idea of being able to select your own floor plan with a layout you like and upgrades built to order is hard to beat. But home shoppers looking for new construction in Boerne should be particular. If their future home is to meet expectations, some sophisticated questions should be asked and answered … [Read more...]

Dominion Luxury Home Sales Aided by Market Familiarity

Luxury home sales often trace a path that differs from the rest of the market. Just as high-end buyers can afford to take their time to find exactly the property they are looking for, Dominion luxury homeowners tend to pick and choose when they will market their properties. That's pretty much what happened in the aftermath of the 2008 housing crisis: many luxury home owners in The Dominion decided to hold off and … [Read more...]

Will Stone Oak Real Estate Values Extend Rises in 2014?

Video thumbnail for youtube video Will Stone Oak Real Estate Values Extend Rises in 2014?

If there is one question that homeowners and prospective shoppers have in common as we enter the New Year, it’s about the direction of Stone Oak real estate values in 2014. Small wonder: the financial market meltdown of the last decade had such a profound impact on all forms of real estate that it still has many people looking nervously over their shoulders. How likely is another tumble in the coming 12 months? Will … [Read more...]

San Antonio First-Time Home Buyer Can Sidestep Mistakes

Home for sale in San Antonio

When a San Antonio first-time home buyer begins hunting for the prize that has to serve both as a satisfactory home base and a solid investment, most feel a mixture of excitement (a home is a landmark achievement!) and maybe just a touch of apprehension. Like any expense you’ve never encountered before, it’s appropriate to take extra care the first time out — and to pay attention to what experience teaches. Along … [Read more...]

Stone Oak New Home Search Goals Change with Circumstances

New Home under construction in Stone oak

As you begin any search for a new home in Stone Oak, it’s worthwhile to take a step back — to take a momentary time-out to consider widening the range of possibilities. For many families, the kind of home they are looking for is a foregone conclusion. Either they want a customized house in a new development, or a new home that they will build themselves, or they may be pointed toward an existing house in an … [Read more...]