San Antonio 4th of July Fireworks

Credit: Jeff Anastasio/KENS 5

Happy Independence Day! Today is one of the biggest days of Summer that we spend with family. And what better way to do that, than by watching some fireworks in San Antonio!  Below are several places around San Antonio to enjoy fireworks. Please remember to be safe out there and have an amazing day with family and friends! Stars & Stripes Over San Antonio   Address: Alamodome, 100 Montana St, San … [Read more...]

Online Stone Oak Virtual Tours & Video

Entrance to Stone Oak

In today’s Stone Oak, more and more often shopping of all kinds has become a virtual affair. Instant information is at everyone’s fingertips—nowhere truer than in Stone Oak real estate. No sooner has today’s buyer made the decision to start looking than—boom!—the laptop/tablet/iPhone is out and Stone Oak virtual tours are underway. What’s most surprising is the key finding of the joint Google-NAR study of the … [Read more...]

Buying a Home: What’s New in Flood Insurance

Flooded backyard in Stone Oak

When Stone Oak residents hear about floods, images of homes tumbling into the sea or half-submerged along the banks of a raging river probably leap to mind. But the risk of flooding isn’t confined to those headline-grabbing catastrophes—which is why the recent passage by Congress and signing by the President of the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (HFIAA) will be of interest to many people thinking of … [Read more...]

San Antonio Real Estate Market Update

Video thumbnail for youtube video San Antonio April Market Statistics

The San Antonio real estate market continues to be a fantastic market, truly leaning in favor of sellers. Some highlights from the April statistics are: Average home price is up again to $212,636, a 4% increase YOY. Total homes sold in April was 2133. Median sales price was $176,000, a 5% increase YOY Average days on market was 71 days, 13 days fewer than April 2013. You can view the full report below in … [Read more...]

Listing for Summertime Means Staging Outdoors

As the days grow longer and the thermometer rises, everyone wants to start spending more time outdoors—to make full use of our yards and patios. But what if your San Antonio home is going to be on the market this summer? Does it mean you have to stop enjoying yourself, stop entertaining guests, just because you want to keep the place in showable condition? The answer is, of course, of course not. Using the outdoor … [Read more...]

Selling Your Boerne Home: What About Repair Requests?

Requested repair when selling your Boerne home

If you have taken good care of your property, you rightfully expect that selling your Boerne home will result in its fetching a good price when it hits the market. That’s the right mindset for success, but it serves sellers best when it’s only a starting point. Dealing with flesh-and-blood buyers can require some judicious flexibility—for one reason, there is usually an inconspicuous (somewhat annoying) fly in the … [Read more...]

San Antonio Real Estate Market Finds Ways to Cultivate Millennials

Walk In The Park

The generation born between the early 80s and just after the turn of the century (aka Millennials) have been slower to take the first steps toward home ownership than previous generations. That’s likely one of the byproducts of the cultural and economic shifts which have combined to make real estate less affordable (and proportionately less appealing). While there is no denying that lately it’s been a difficult … [Read more...]

Tradeoffs for Remodeling vs. Moving to a New Boerne Home

Boerne remodel project

Last week’s Rasmussen Reports survey reported that the majority (52%) of Americans consider their home to be a family’s best investment at the same time that the number of people who are choosing to remodel their home is on the rise. According to the Houzz & Home survey, the number of people who planned improvement projects rose a dynamic 12 % last year. Of those, 40% wanted to remodel their home or build an … [Read more...]

Redefining What’s Hot in San Antonio Luxury Listings

Luxury Master Bath

Charlie Chaplin always managed to mix a good measure of insight in with the silent movie knee-slappers. It was “The Little Clown” who once said, “The saddest thing I can imagine is to get used to luxury.” One way or another, we Americans have come up with a singularly surefire way to overcome that problem: we just constantly redefine what comprises “luxury”! Real estate website Trulia proves the point. Each year … [Read more...]

For the Self-Employed, Getting a Loan Takes Planning


You don’t have to tell anyone who is self-employed that there are extra costs that go with the benefits. In addition to the long hours and weight of responsibility that come with the job description, getting a home loan has always added special challenges. Now that we are into the new Dodd-Frank era of federal oversight, some of the changes warrant an early heads-up. The 2010 legislation that went into effect on … [Read more...]